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Competitive advantages

The most attractive, functional, versatile product and total system. Ever!

Do your plant markers offer these 21 benefits?

Single Stake Design:

1)   Double bend keeps marker anchored in the ground and from spinning
2)   Unobtrusive – more attractive that two stake products
3)   Reduces trapping of garden debris caught in 2 stake products
4)   Makes garden clean up easier – easier raking and power blowing
5)   Stronger – does not bend easily or weaken
6)   Rust and chemical proof
7)   Multiple viewing angles made possible for nameplate

  • Straight - write on front and back 
  • 45 degree - write on front and back, easier viewing
  • 90 degree - holds nameplate flat to the ground – least obtrusive, easiest garden clean up


8)   Attractive design with neutral colors – green, black and gray
9)   Does not create glare like some competitive products
10) Tight fit to stake but unique fin – tapered hole design makes stakes and plates interchangeable
11)  Durable – sun, salt. (and most other chemicals) and weather resistant
12)  Use back side to write sun-protected notes
13)  Back side doubles writing space
14)  No sharp edges
15)  Paint pens and adhesives stick well to nameplates

Nameplate Expanders: 

16)  If you need more writing space we offer various size nameplates you can adhere to our nameplates with double-sided foam tape

Paint Pens:

17)  Sun and water resistant
18)  Sticks well to our plastic and most materials
19)  Multiple, attractive colors available
20)  2 tip widths – narrow and wider
21)  Solvent – easy and safe to use, erase and rewrite

Design Online Software:

22)  Easily design computer generated botanical garden quality engravings and labels
23)  Easily upload your plant lists so we can manufacture and ship fast for you
24)  Coming soon – expanded design online capabilities – more formatting options, QR and bar codes, garden icons, upload logos, graphics and even easier uploads

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