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IDeal™ Custom Engraved Namplates

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IDeal™ Custom Engraved Namplates

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NOTE: Engraved faceplates are affixed via a strong double-sided foam tape to our the IDeal™ nameplate (or competitive products). Similar tapes are used to hang windows on skyscrapers!  Our various types of IDeal round stakes have two protruding metal fins that are inserted into the tapered hole of our IDeal plastic nameplates so they stay on the stakes and don't spin easily; but remain interchangeable.  If you plan on affixing our engraved faceplate to our IDeal™ stake and nameplate, you must purchase an IDeal™ Stake and Nameplate for each engraved faceplate you order.  If you desire holes for screws or rivets, please contact us.

IDeal's Design Online Order Entry System is Unique: Save money, time, and gain design control by using our IDeal design online and order system that can be used for most engravings. You can also order sample kits of all of our products.

YOUR PLANT LIST(S):  We have made submitting your plant lists, designing, and customizing very simple via our spread sheets and design online customization and order entry system.  


  • mail, fax, scan and email or just email us your plant lists that are hand written or printed in other software.  
  • call our customer service people to provide your plant lists verbally over the phone.

However, we have to charge $25 per hour for all customer service related time to process orders that do not use our Excel upload system.

IDeal also makes complicated engravings for almost any application but they must to be ordered outside of our design online and order entry software. Please contact us if we can help with custom engravings (various sizes, colors, shapes, fonts, materials, holes).

Japanese Maple 1.25 x 3.5 green 2 line Switchgrass 3 line Black Online Pineapple Upsidedown Cake Brown, 3 line 4.5 wide

Learn to use IDeal's online design and order system:

  1. Print and read our IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS (with some browsers simply right click and click print). Highlights are noted below:
  2. Download our Excel spreadsheet and enter the information you want engraved and email it to our customer service team.  We will then fix any problems and return the corrected spread sheet via email so you can place your order.
  3. ENGRAVED FACEPLATES MADE TO MATCH LONG PLANT NAMES: For long plant names, we expand the faceplate's width to match. What good is a faceplate if you can't read or understand it?   For some orders, we may have to charge extra in order to enlarge the text.
  4. To create custom engravings that have different specifications from each other (different sizes, colors, etc.) follow our instructions in #1 above.  Also, give each of your spreadsheets different descriptive file names.
  5. Sign in to your account or create a new one (HostasDirect accounts work fine) and complete IDeal’s online design and order entry system after we have returned your spreadsheet.   Our design online order entry system will prompt you to:

    • Select your engraving's specifications (plate size and color, square or rounded corners, bevel or no bevel, number of lines, font and font style, text alignment and line spacing) before you upload your matching spreadsheet.  You will see the upcharges iof they are required next to the option. Your total price will change and is in the upper right corner but without quantity discounts that will be added later.
    • Enter the quantity of the number of engravings to be ordered for that spreadsheet at the end of the ordering process where you are prompted.  The quantity is the same as the number of rows in your spreadsheet.
    • Place your order for that spreadsheet in your shopping cart by clicking Add.  Your price per engraving including the quantity discount is shown.  
    • If there needs to be an extra charge due to expanding your faceplates to match long plant names, we will let you know when we return your spreadsheet before you order. 

To order additional engravings, labels, IDeal stake and nameplates, and paint pens click "Continue Shopping" in your shopping cart.   When finished, place your entire order.

PRICING TIP:  Due to the economics in production setups and materials costs, the more you buy, the lower your unit price. Please review our tiered pricing below. Shipping costs are based upon the entire weight or your order, your geographic location, and desired shipping service. 

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Our option to create many engravings at once is customized to be easy to use yet allow you to create great engravings. This software allows you to order many engraved tags that have the same engraving formatting (font, number of lines, italic, underlining) the fastest. In other words, everything about the group of engravings is the same except the text. If you desire to use different formatting you must start another spreadsheet.
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