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Printed Plant Labels: Multiple Text orders

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Printed Plant Labels: Multiple Text orders

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Printed Plant Labels: Multiple Text Order  allows you to quickly design and order many plant labels in the same color and size and with the same formatting (font, number of lines, bold, italic, underline) but with different text for each label.  If you want plant labels with different formatting, you will need to repeat this process or order single labels.

This option is for you if:

a)  You have Microsoft Excel software installed and are comfortable downloading and uploading a file. You will use this file to enter the text for your labels. (You can copy & paste.)

b)  You have many labels to order in the same size, color, and formatting (font, number of lines, bold, italic, underline). But you don't want each label to have the same text.


1) Choose your formatting options below. Each selection brings up the next option (i.e. select your "label width," and then "label color" will appear.)

2) A link containing your Excel spreadsheet template file will appear for you to download. Save this file where you can easily find it again. You cannot upload your own spreadsheet; you *MUST* use our Excel spreadsheet template

3) Click "Enable Editing". Enter your labels' text  into the Excel spreadsheet template. If you want multiple quantities of a particular label, you can enter it again on the line below by clicking on the bottom right corner of the first cell with your text inside. When you see the black cross icon, drag the cell down the column to match how many of your labels you wish to have that specific text. When you are finished, save your completed file and upload it by clicking "Choose File." (below "Upload your Spreadsheet")

4) Choose your additional formatting options and then enter the number of labels in the spreadsheet you just uploaded in "Qty" below. Then you can "add to cart". NOTE: The Qty amount MUST match how many label number rows you are using in the Excel spreadsheet (Check the "A" column and don't include the header at the top). Mistakes may result in a Customer Service charge. 

Allowed file extensions to upload: .xls

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The Multiple Text option for the Printed Planted Labels is customized to be easy to use yet allow you to create great plant labels. Of IDeal's two software options, this software allows you to order many plant labels that have the same formatting (number of lines, font bold, italic, underlining) the fastest. In other words, everything about the group of labels is the same except the text of the label. If you desire to use different formatting you must start another spreadsheet or use our Single plant label option for your Printed Plant Labels.

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